About Me

‘Too Much Sass to Handle’ is a personal blog born from the very opinionated and boldly fierce Rebecca Miller.

As an accredited multimedia journalist, it’s her platform to express thoughts and feelings as well as explore topics of interest. 


Too Much Sass To Handle contains Rebecca’s personal opinions and views, it does not reflect this of any organisations she may be affiliated with. 

Rebecca may occasionally accept products or payment from companies, in addition to sponsored posts. This will be clearly mentioned in the specific posts and Rebecca will only accept what she like and what is in the interest of her readers. She will be wholly honest and unbiased. 

The information on her blog is accurate and to the best of her knowledge and research. However there may be errors or mistakes. This blog is for enjoyment and should not be seen as advice. Rebecca take no responsibility for any information that you choose to rely on. Throughout each article Rebecca takes care to ensure she has in-depth research and backed up facts, please see the hyperlinks she has inserted for more evidence to support her point. 

Rebecca reserves the right to change, edit or modify how she manages or runs this blog. Because it is not a one-themed specific blog, she has the right to change topics, conversation and themes at any time. 


Unauthorised use and/or duplication of any material found on this blog, without express and written permission from Rebecca is strictly prohibited. As previously mentioned, Rebecca hyperlinks throughout her articles and quotes sources when necessary. All images are copyright protected by their original owners, and will be stated so at the end of articles which include images used.


Rebecca aims to credit all her sources and believes everyone has a right to own their work and it be acknowledged. If you find any information or images that are yours, please get in touch with Rebecca and she will accredit you immediately or remove all content and publish an apology. 



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