All the work created by Rebecca throughout her degree.

Her university course involves all aspects of media within the journalism industry, from radio to tv broadcasting, creating news bulletins, short documentary packages, writing articles and designing magazine pages.


Nerve Magazine Vol 5 Issue 1: The Fresher’s Edition.

Nerve Magazine Vol 5 Issue 2 

Nerve Magazine Vol 5 Issu3

LATEST ISSUE > Nerve Magazine Vol 5 Issue 4


January 12th 2017 – ‘DEATH ROW‘ – a radio documentary exploring the sentence given to American murderers and hearing the stories of those affected.

Objective: create a multimedia project, specialising in an area of your choice. Create a 7 minute radio documentary and a multimedia online platform, blog and social media profiles.


Social Media – Twitter: @DeathRowMMP  /  Facebook: @deathrowmmp


March 9th 2016 ‘There’s Blood in the Water’ – an interactive documentary exploring the sustainability of the current fishing industry.

Objective: in a group, create an interactive documentary and blog about a topic of your choice.

Blog‘There’s Blood in the Water’ – created and managed by me.


Major Multimedia Project (MMP)

September 2016 – January 2017 – ‘Death Row: Life Behind Bars’ a short documentary exploring the sentence given to American murders.

Objective: create a short 7 minute documentary on a topic of your choice, focusing carefully on the station the documentary could be pitched for. To also create additional multimedia content, a blog, and all social media profiles.

Blog: deathrowdocumentary.wordpress.com

Twitter: @DeathRowMMP 

Facebook page: Death Row: Life Behind Bars / deathrowmmp


Broadcast 2

January 4th 2016 – Open your eyes to STIs*’ – short documentary where I explore the world of STI’s and why young people are too scared to go and get tested.

Objective: create a short 7 minute documentary for an audience and  station of your choice, that is a ‘feature for change’.

*Shortlisted entry for 2016 NCTJ Award.

*Dorset NUJ Journalist of the year 2016 Award. 

*Winner of Best Feature for Change Radio Documentary 2016.


Newsday 1 – 06.10.2015

Newsday 2 – 13.10.2015

Objective: In teams, create two radio bulletins for two separate stations and audiences. Gather local news and create scripts. I presented on one of the stations.


October 27th 2015 Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe – audio project looking at how this festival helps local artists, performers and exhibitionists get their work known

Objective: source, edit and create a 1″30 audio project of a current news story that day that can be aired on a 5pm news bulletin.


Broadcast 1

May 19th 2015 – Getwiththeprogramme – we took a look at the issues regarding female bias and sexism in the media during the coverage of the 2014 General Election.

Objective: in a group to create a 30 minute live political radio show discussing the current General Election.

My role: Editor


Individual work: Model diversity at New York Fashion week 

Objective: to take a current news story and create a radio package involving one interview.


Broadcast 2

Semester 1 – ‘Features for change’ – ‘Life’s a drag‘ documentary showcasing the fabulous lifestyle and performances of drag queens along the south coast.

Objective: in a group of 4 create a short 7 minute documentary on a topic showing / needing change.


  • Published articles online to BUzz Bournemouth
  • Publish articles for magazine designing purposes

Ethnic Food Revolution – article about the ethnic food revolution that the UK is experiencing

Objective: to take a sample magazine page layout and create a similar design for your article (note- some pages include placeholder text to give a sense of the sample layout I chose)


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