8 Ways to Let More Love into Your Life

It’s unfortunate that the majority only consider “love” as being a consuming romantic feeling, or anything that makes us swoon.

If we thought of love and happiness, as even the smallest ordinary acts of kindness and friendship, life would be so much better. There isn’t anyone in the world who couldn’t use a little more love in their lives.

And if we’re being totally honest, the only reason why people don’t have more love in their lives, is because they often feel intimidated or put off looking and working for it. Many think of love as being difficult or sacrificial, or ultimately more emotionally strenuous than we really have the energy for.

“It’s interesting that such a powerful force as love can be the vehicle for both incredible elation and equal misery.” – Alan Cook

But letting more love into your life can be, and should be effortless — it’s the only way you’ll realistically sustain it. So if you’re keen to work on letting more love into your life, here are a few points to help you out.

1.  Unconditional Love


The oldest relationship we all have is with our parents and grandparents. And if you’re lucky enough, it’s unconditional right from the moment you’re born. Which is why most of us are on autopilot with them. We have never had to impress or coax them into loving us. They sometimes may not like us, but they’ll never stop loving us.

In return, we give them the worst kind of love; lazy love. We make no effort and expect them to be grateful and dazzled by our mere existence.

That be said, if you invest nothing, you’ll get nothing. So invest. A short walk, a lunch date, a simple phone call – and the return is incredible. Spending time with a parent amplifies the bond you once had until it becomes a source of strength.

2. Self-love

Pexels – Daniel Xavier

Are you capable of making yourself happy? If not, can you fill this “happiness gap” sustainably, by seeking it only in external sources?

In other words, you cannot give love, if you don’t love yourself. And the only way you can be more loving is by taking action.

Self-love isn’t just giving yourself permission to spend the weekend doing things you love. It’s about asking yourself the hard questions. What do you want from your life? And then following through.

“Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-break on.” – Maxwell Maltz

It’s asking you to place your self-esteem on a weighing scale. This way you can figure out your mistakes and why some reoccur. Self-love is self-awareness, met with the capacity for change. Once you start the process, you’re protecting yourself.

The more you concentrate on loving yourself the more you will radiate positive feelings of love toward others and attract their love in return.

3. Oldest Love

Pexels – Helena Lopes

There is great value in reconnecting with old friends. People’s lives take different paths, at various speeds and that doesn’t mean that you cannot remain friends. It may be hard because of location or job responsibilities, but these people you keep in touch with least often are the historians of your life.

A simple text message with “remember when…” or tagging them in a throwback photo will open the warmth of love that will flow through like no time has passed at all.

4. Real Love

Pexels – Edward Castro

Love – both for lovers and friends – isn’t smooth and shiny. No matter how much of a hopeless romantic you are, real love has scars.

Some people are scared of the possible ups and downs love and happiness can bring. Many would rather walk away from a friendship than risk their heart. But you’d be surprised at how resilient your heart can be.

5. Law of Attraction

Unsplash – Everton Vila 

“The universe doesn’t always give back love from where you gave it. Your generosity to one person may be returned by a complete stranger. But if you keep putting it out wherever you see that it’s needed, you’ll keep getting it back in buckets.” Rule 99.

Kindness comes in the form of two types of love. It’s not only self-love, but also love to the world. The ripples of carrying out a loving act, move outwards and onwards to others, eventually making its way back to you.

6. Motivational Love

Unsplash – Evan Kirby

When someone upsets you or makes you angry, most of the time their motivation is love. Understanding that gives you power to be bigger than your anger. Ever heard the saying “it’s only because I care”? The majority of the time, people’s reasons come from a place of love. A motivating love to see you do best, and although it can sometimes come in the form of criticism, or truthful words, it comes from the heart.

7. Individual Love

Unsplash – Alexander Shushtov

Just as everyone looks different, with alternative different, love is not the same from each person. It’s incredibly individualistic. And what one might have experienced or felt, another may be unable to relate.

Every single love has its own shape, colour and history. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do with yours, when they have no idea what your heart has been through. – Poorna Bell

8. Returning Love

Unsplash – Joel Overbeck

Love is your heart going into battle over and over again. If it survived once, it can do it a thousand times more. Whether it’s romantic, friendship or even self-love, there are highs and low to experiencing love and no matter what your heart will feel once more.

10 of the Best Things to Do in London on a Sunday in Summer

The weekend doesn’t have to end first thing on a Sunday. In facts it’s one of the favourite days of the week, to take in everything the city has to offer. During the Summer, London provides some spectacular unique activities and days out. Here are some of the best things you can do in London on a Sunday this summer.

Afternoon Tea with live opera at the Royal Albert Hall


It doesn’t get more civilised then British afternoon tea and classical music. Dress up in your finery and spend a lazy afternoon listening to some of the nations most proposition operatic talents from the London opera scene at the iconic Royal Albert Hall. Songs will be accompanies by declines treats in the Hall’s beautiful Verdi restaurant, from homemade scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam to cakes and finger sandwiches. Afternoon tea service runs from 2.00pm-4:30pm and tickets can be bought for £30 per person or £40 per person to include champagne. Tickets can be purchased through The Royal Albert Hall’s website.

Walk the city


If you’re new to London, one of the best ways to get to know it, is by walking around. Thanks to Inner London Ramblers, you can embark on urban hikes with the likes of the Metropolitan Walkers, Capital Walkers and London strollers of up to 10 miles. Visit Innerlondonramblers.org.uk for more information.

Jazz sessions at Le Caprice, St. James’

Le Caprice

Sister restaurant to the iconic The Ivy, Le Caprice owns a characteristically refined atmosphere and impressive menu. On the last Sunday of every month, they host Jazz Session, starring some of the most talented jazz artists in the world. Dinner and performances at 7pm and 9:15pm. Pre-booking essential as sittings are popular, no charge for the Jazz. Le Caprice, Arlington Street, London, SW1A 1RJ. Call 02076292239 to reserve a table.

Cycling in Richmond Park

Friends of Richmond

With hundreds of red and fallow dear roaming free across the park, get on your bike on a sunny Sunday afternoon and pedal across the beautiful 12-kilometre track. Make the most of the largest of the Royal Parks by getting out and about – plus it’s totally free!

Rooftop Cinema Club


With summer having officially been declared, The Rooftop Film Club screens a variety of popular and classic films from Back to the Future to The Notebook. So enjoy the comfy seats, wireless headphones and the city’s skyline in all its glory at this all-round crowd pleasing spot. And don’t panic, if it rains – the show still goes on. Tickets start from £14, check the latest program at Rooftopfilmclub.com.

Horse Riding in Hyde Park


Explore the best of the capital’s parks by paying Hyde Park Stables a visit. From first-time riders to experienced show-jumepers, there’s a session for every skill set and with five miles of bridleways and even pony rides for the little ones, it’s a great way to explore one of the city’s favourite summer spots. And remember, after you ride, you’re in the perfect location for a picnic. For more information got o Hydeparkstables.com.

Brixton Village and Brixton Farmers’ Market


A gather of vintage traders and artisan food sellers have transformed this historic arcade into a hub of cutting-edge cookery and creativity for you to browse at your leisurely Sunday pleasure. Only a few minutes walk from Brixton tube stage, the market opens from 8am to 11:30pm everyday offering an array of world foods. On Sunday’s you can sample delicacies from India, East Asia, African, South America or the Caribbean for brunch, open 10am92pm. For more information go to Brixtonmarket.net.

Walk along the Thames to Tate Modern


Why not spend your Sunday appreciating all forms of art? Housed in the former Bankside Power Station and built by Swiss architects Herzog & De Mourn, if you’re looking to get your weekend culture fix, then head to the Tate Modern. Most of the shows are free to enter, some charge a small fee. And remember to go to the top floor viewing platform, for spectacular views of the city.

Strawberry Picking


Not just summer strawberries, but a whole load of other fruit and vegetable picking, depending on the season. If you thought fruit and veg picking farms were a myth in London, think again. Located just north of Enfield, Parkside Farm is a fun family day out. Check out it’s location at Parksidefarmpyo.co.uk.

Float down Regent’s Canal


First opened in 1820 to provide a link between east and west London, Regent’s Canal became a favourite scenic path in 1968 when it was officially opened to the public. The London Waterbus Company, offer a lingering journey across a picturesque route from Camden Lock to Little Venice, passing Regent’s Park and even stopping inside London Zoo. At just £11.30 per person for a return journey, it’s a unique and affordable way to see the city from a new angle. No booking required, with an hour service in summer. Check out more information at Londonwaterbus.com.


Stradivarius: Top Shoe Picks

Having only previously heard about Stradivarius on a few occasions, it was a lifesaver when I desperately needed a pair of black summer heels whilst on holiday. And it has now become my new favourite store.

Under the same group that owns Zara and Bershka, it is affordable, great quality, with an authentic European feel to their designs. Here are my top picks from their shoe collection.

Mustard yellow, black or fuchsia slides – £19.99

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 17.12.28

Gorgeous soft faux suede slides with a slight chunky heel are super comfortable and this seasons must have flat. Featuring a super thick strap and peep toe front, they are a bargain price you could buy all three colours!

Sandals with red or mustard yellow bow – £19.99

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 17.05.38.png

Having fallen in love with the cute red pair in store, they are made from a similar cork material to those of leading sandal brand Birkenstock – but for a fraction of the price. The soft faux  suede material is stretchy enough and doesn’t rub, perfect if wearing in the heat. Extremely comfortable and stylish enough to wear around the house or out!

Contrasting High Heel sandals – SALE – £19.99, Black stilettos – £19,99, Green high heel sliders – SALE – £15.99

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 17.22.11I personally have both the black stilettos and green heeled sliders. The black stilettos are a comfortable heel hight, with asymmetric double straps that are great if you have wide feed like I. The green sliders are also super comfy and bang on trend in this eye popping green. The contrasting high heel sandals would be perfect teamed with a silk ruffle sleep for summer nights.

NB. all images have been take directly from the website. 

5 Luxury swimwear brands you need to know about this summer

Beautiful bikinis and luxurious swimwear is what every woman deserves when they debut their body on a holiday. Sometimes paying a little more, for better quality and long-lasting craftsmanship is worth it. Here are 5 luxury swimwear brands you need to know about this summer.

Solid & Striped

Shipped across Europe and American Solid & Striped is swimwear and après swim like you’ve never felt before. Made from the finest globally sourced fabrics, their swimwear is for the leisurely life, lived in and welcome spontaneity.

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 17.35.45.png
Left to right: The Meghan top and bottoms (bought separately) $86 each, The Elle top and bottoms (bought separately) $86 each, The Anne-Marie $165

Heidi Klein

Launched in 2002, it was a collaboration between two ladies for “the Uk’s first one-stop holiday shop”. Obsessed with colour, textures and finishing touches, Heidi Klein swim and beachwear combines the world’s most glamorous beach destinations with fast-forward swimwear trends.

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 16.34.14
Left to right: St Jean De Luz Pom-Pom Balcony Bikini £195, Portinatx D-G U Bar Bikini £230, Harbour Island Wide Bandeau Bikini £195. 

Arabella London

London-based Arabella London has a concept to “reinvent swimwear as a multi-functional garment to be worn far beyond the beach.”

Pieces have been made to have a transitional and transeasonal appeal. With the more relaxed pieces to be worn as lingerie and activewear, whilst the sophisticated pieces can be worn into the evening.Fabrics have been combined, with swimwear, active-wear and ready-to-wear properties.

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 17.20.14.png
Left to right: The 9.2.9 Swimsuit – Plum £255, The Plunge Crop – Ivory £175,  The Modern Bustier – Navy £225.


Relaunched for Resort 2014, Araks Swim is inspired by the same aesthetic and attention to color and fit that defines the lingerie collection. With a bold color palatte and streamlined silhouettes, this American brand creates unique swimwear that is trend-setting in leading the way for the swim industry.

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 17.27.51.png
Elmar One Piece Peony & Perse $325, Elsa Bikini Top and Bottoms Atlantis Brush (bought separately) $200, $115,  Harley One Piece Liberty Lavender $310.

Melissa Odabash

As a former swimwear model who lived and worked in Italy for many years, Melissa Odabash knows what women want from their swimwear & beachwear. Her debut collection launched in 1999 and is nearly 20 years strong. From timeless pieces designed with clean lines and innovative textiles aim to adapt to all body types – ideal for the traveller amongst us all.

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 17.45.58
Left to right: Del Mar cutout swimsuit snake £240, Aruba bandeau bikini wave zest (bought separately) £100 each, Seychelles one shoulder swimsuit khaki £210.

All images are copyright of the swimwear owners/brands and have been screenshotted directly from site. 

How to disrupt your Life in 5 Steps

The ‘quarter life crisis’ is not a new phenomenon. But more and more young people are reaching the age of 25 and suffering from a kind of existential panic that was once the sole domain of the middle-aged. Instead of sports cars and extra-marital affairs its mental health crises and fierce competition.

The Prince’s Trust recently published research revealing young people feel more stressed and hopeless about their futures than ever before. And unsurprisingly 47% admitting to having suffered from a mental health problem.

It’s understandable. The world is a scary place right now, especially if you’re young. Everything is constantly changing and we’re not being given the chance to adapt. You’re likely broke, directionless and wishing you’d invested in Bitcoin five years ago. Perhaps you’re four years deep into a soul crushing job that’s sucking your social life out of you as slog away to get that promotion you were promised 12 months ago.

Here’s how you can disrupt your life, take control and find your happy place.

Step 1 – Panic!

Unsplash – Photo by Jakub Kriz

Perhaps you’re struggling to find a job straight out of university, you may feel in control with regularly applying for jobs, but then it hits you. The wave of panic and uncertainty; how are you going to survive the next few weeks until rent is due? Maybe you’re a few months away from your 25th birthday, and you’ve no longer realised your in your early twenties and able to use that as an excuse for your continued incompetence.

Freaking out is good because if motivates change. It allows you to take control and choose the next step.

Step 2 – Stop Drinking and Partying

Unsplash – Photo by jens johnsson 

These few words are perhaps not what you’d hear a 20-something-year-old saying but hey, drastic action needs to take place here.

Quitting drinking – or even just cutting down your weekly intake – can be a real game changer in terms of disrupting negative patterns in your life. And partying generally allows you forget life for a second, but when you’re having a life crisis there’s a time to stop buying your head and face facts.

We all know alcohol brings out the best and worst qualities in all of us. Not only does it reduce the quality of your sleep, it can alleviates your worries about money, as well as taking a hefty chunk of your salary each month. It might make you feel happy momentarily, but it’s also a depressant.

Step 3 – Scare Yourself

Unsplash – Photo by Jakob Owens 

Facing your fears will reaffirm your confidence in your ability to survive. Do something that scares you – whether it’s skydiving or reading in public, having done it you’ll probably notice a new appreciation for life.

Getting out of your comfort zone and doing something that you’re terrified of can be an effective way of establishing lasting change.

Step 4 – Travel without a Plan

Unsplash – Photo by Simon Migaj

Whilst I’m not suggest a full on ‘gap-yah’ but generally travelling has a positive effect on mental and emotional wellbeing. Ditching the itinerary is what can potentially change the average holiday experience into a transformative life-changing, memory-making experience. Abandoning plans and going with the flow means you’re more likely to listen to your instincts and have fun. Get to know people, become distracted by anything that catches your eye, and immerse yourself in the culture.

You may have the occasional setback because of your lack of planning, like jumping on the wrong train or forgetting the essential mosquito spray. But going with the flow allows  life to dictate you and not you dictating your life.

Step 5 – Just Say Yes

Unsplash – Photo by Tim Foster

Become that person who says yes to everything without thinking. (Of course don’t say yes to anything that could get you into danger or trouble, be sensible please.) Be open to experiences that you would usually reject. When you say ‘yes’ life becomes instantly more exciting. You meet new people, learn new things about yourself, and do things you never thought you’d do. It’s always better to regret doing something, than regret not doing it at all.

Met Gala 2018: Best and Worst Dressed

Last night the Costume Institute sanctified its love of fashion as presented this years Met Gala.

The theme was: “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.”

“Designed to create a dialogue between fashion and the masterworks of religious art in the museum’s holdings, the show was presented in a trinity of locations: the Anna Wintour Costume Center, the medieval galleries at the Met’s Fifth Avenue location, and further uptown at the Cloisters.”

Crosses, veils, mitres, all things religious were in full display. Alongside that it was a display of figures, as celebrities battle it out to showcase what God had given them.

Some went all out with the theme in mind, whilst others simply failed to present any resemblance or similarity to the chosen theme.

Let’s take a look at my best and worst dressed from the 2018 Met Gala ball.

Best Dressed

Rhianna stole the show, wearing Maison Margiela by John Galliano. A true ode to the Catholic religion, this heavily embellished gown with matching Mitre was an absolute show stopper.

Although the dress is not screaming the theme, super model Gigi Hadid, wows in a two tone one-shoulder-cut-out floor length gown with thigh-high split.

In a gorgeous rich blood red velvet, Priyanka Chopra’s gold head and shoulder jewel detailing looked every inch elegantly and sophisticated.

Taking the theme and Catholic religion with full seriousness, Cara Delevingne and Greta Gerwig kept it classic with black.

With contrasting criss-cross lacing and solid black panels, Cara not only fulfilled the theme’s brief with a nod to the Catholic religion, but she perfectly displayed her fine figure.

An ode to a Catholic sister, with cuffed bell sleeves in contrasting cream material and plain black chiffon dress with a cinched waist, Greta nailed the theme.

Stepping out with Shawn Mendes and confirming their relationship, Hailey Baldwin looked sensational in a drop-shoulder, bustier fit and flare pale pearl dress with a full skirt and thigh-high split.

Topping her look with a diamond encrusted crown, Hailee Steinfeld looked regal in a satin cream dress with diamond detailing. Tousled bed head curls, layered necklaces and a dark red lip sealed this look as a winner.

In classic a gold figure-skimming, floor length gown, with embellished cross details, Kim Kardashian wore Versace. Keeping hair and makeup smokey and sleek, her body and dress did all the talking. Another killer look from Mrs KKW.

Worst Dressed

Poor Cardi B, Rhianna stole the show and your look! Whilst it may seem great minds think alike, the simplicity of her dress has won the hearts. Whilst Moschino was on the right tracks, the final look is all a little too pomp and circumstance. Less is always more.

Jeremy Scott and Cardi B wearing Moschino.

It’s strange how Versace can wear such a stunning gown for Kim Kardashian, yet make Katy Perry look ridiculous. Sarah Jessica Parker however, needs to think again about the choice of designer. Whereas other celebs pulled this look off in an elegant manner, the yellow gold and giant red hearts chosen just look tacky.

Whilst I understand the concept of Ariana Grande’s dress – having cherubs and angels printed on the fabric – the final look is not executed well. Amal Clooney however, it might be a beautiful dress, just doesn’t fit the theme. Another ball perhaps.

It seems the other two sisters from the Kardashian-Jenner clan didn’t get the theme memo! Whilst both Kylie and Kendall look amazing in their black vs white ensembles – I fail to see the theme envisioned anywhere on their outfits.

(All images have been taken from British Vogue )

The Ideal Work Wear for the Summer, Come Rain or Shine

Hot sweaty tube rides? Cool, air conditioned offices? Cool summer breeze at lunchtime? As Britain had it’s first wave of sunshine last week, it can be a real challenge planning an outfit for work when there are so many weather conditions to consider. Here is a selection of perfect every-day office wear outfits.

The colours of summer are soft, powder blue and vibrant, bold red.

Steal of the Season

ZARA wins the steal of the season with this comfortable and stylist pleated dress.

An ideal length for the office, hitting at the knee, this versatile dress can be worn bare legged or over jeans or culottes. Vertical thin stripes elongate the body and with three alternating colour-ways, suitable for all skin variations.

Team with a pair of box white fresh trainers, chunky black ankle boots or court shoes for the boardroom meeting. A bargain under £10.

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 20.50.01
ZARA – Multicoloured Pleated Dress – £9.99

Mini, Midi, Maxi

Dress are an ideal way to keep cool and perfect layering. The wrap dress is especially a favourite this season. Working well for small to bigger busts, nipping you in at the waist and flowing delicately over curves.

Featuring v-neck openings, choose floral patterning and opposite colour beading to create hour glass illusions.

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 21.05.17.png
Newlook – Bright Blue Tie Front Flutter Sleeve Dress – £24.99, River Island – Yellow Floral Frill Tie Waist Wrap Midi Dress – £60.00, Topshop – Piped Kimono Maxi Dress by Glamorous Tall – £40.00


Loose wide fitting trousers are great to keep you cool if you’re not willing to bare all and get your legs out. From soft silks to light linen, this season we’re seeing soft florals, statement colours and thick paper bag tie waists.

Choose a wide strap plain top, or a oversized t-shirt tucked in one side at the waist. Trainers are a great choice or sandals for a summery feel.


Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 21.34.25.png
Mango – Satin Palazzo Trousers – £49.99, Bershka – Linen Paperbag Culottes – £25.99, ZARA – Wide Leg Linen Trousers – £29.99

Shirts and Blouses

A cooler alternative to a t-shirt, loose fitting oversized shirts are a great way to stay protected in the sun but not over heat. Opt for lighter blues, pinks and whites. Stripes are a definite must!

Cute floral frills and wrap around blouses are a pretty alternative to pair with cut off denim jeans. Embroidery and lace are also popular choices, pick white as your base colour to reflect the sun and pretty florals to decorate. Wear tucked into a denim skirt and add sandals.

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 21.48.03.png
H&M – Oversized Shirt – £17.99, Nobody’s Child – Red Rose Ditsy Wrap Top – £20.00, Topshop – Linear Floral Ruffle Blouse – £29.99


If you fancy giving your legs a little air, don’t be afraid to wear a skirt – length appropriate of course. The top three skirt trends are pleats, longline denim and body con.

A pleated skirt provides soft lines and makes a beautiful addition to the spring summer season. Many fall at the knee or below, making it a great piece for all body shapes. Add a pair of ballet shoes or strappy heels for the ultimate feminine look. Go bold with trainers and a boxy tee.

Denim skirts are a wardrobe staple and an essential item you need for your summer work wear. Make sure you choose a skirt that is an appropriate length and opt for structured styles in darker shades, without rips or frays for a smarter look.

Need to be comfortable and cool? The midi body con skirt is the ultimate piece. If you’re worried about sweating pick darker colours. Team with a denim jacket and you’re good to go.


Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 22.03.30.png
Boohoo – Neave Crepe Pleated Midi Skirt – £20.00, Warehouse – Patch Pocket Denim Skirt – £32.00, Prettylittlething – Red Side Tape Midi Skirt – £ 15.00


All images are copyright of the owners – all images have been taken from the brands websites. Prices and availability are subject to publishing date. No endorsements of brands have been taken. 

5 Great Podcasts to Get Hooked On

How do you spend your morning commute? What do you do on your lunch break? Or perhaps you fancy a change from the office radio.

Dive into five great podcasts that will grip you from the very first second. Laced with humour, gripping facts or darkest evidence, give the following a listen!

Guys we f@#ked

GUYS WE F@#KED is a weekly self-produced podcast, produced by New York City-based stand-up comedians Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson. The episodes see the two friends interview men they’ve slept with, titans in the comedy and sex industry, as well as discussing sexual taboos. Their aim? To create a sex-positive environment for their million plus listeners worldwide.


Where was Hae Min Lee for 21 minutes after school one day, before she was murdered in 1999?

SERIAL is a podcast that examines the death twenty-year-old murder case in intense detail. Sarah Keonig, the show’s host, discovered that the trial covered up a far more complicated story than the jury – or the public – ever got to hear. She makes it her mission to unveil to find answers.

Dear Sugars

“The universe has good news for the lost, lonely and heartsick.” DEAR SUGARS is the radical empathetic advice show hosted by Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond.

This podcast fields all your questions — no matter how deep or dark — and offers the best options to move forward and heal.


Who even is Millie Bobby Brown? Ever wanted the low-down on A-Z list celebrities?

WHO is an essential podcast to decipher everything you need to know about pop culture’s greatest (and not-so-greatest) Whos and Thems.


Flash Forward

Mass famine! The end of coffee! World economic collapse! What would happen if honey bees went extinct? And how likely is a honeybee extinction anyway?

FLASH FORWARD is a podcast about the future. Each episode the possible (and not so possible) future scenarios are discussed in great depths. Super fascinating.


Hottest Sunglasses for This Summer

As the daylight hours gradually get longer, hopefully the sun will be shining bright. One of the best accessories for summer are sunglasses. With styles taking you back to the 90s and sending you to the future, here are the best on-trend sunglasses you can buy.


The arrival of teeny-tiny sunglasses, in a variety of peculiar shapes and colours have become hugely popular both on and off the catwalk.

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 16.23.23
Left, top to bottom: Le Specs, Revolve Kendall + Kylie, Quay. Right, top to bottom: Pared, Taylor Morris, Farfetch Saint Laurent.


Whilst the Kardashians opt for little lenses, some of us have facial proportions that require oversized frames. The classic maxi is back, but with edgier and softer shapes to suit all faces.

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 16.23.31
Left, top to bottom: Diff Eyewear, Pared, Le Specs. Right, top to bottom: Netaporter Rejina Pyo, Farfetch Celine, Sunglassesshop.co.uk Rayban.


The industrial futurism is a new style of sunglasses. Chunky soft seventies styles and bold lines will define your face.

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 16.23.39
Left, top to bottom: Topshop Quay, MyTheresa Acne Studios, Netaporter Dolce & Gabbana. Right, top to bottom: Illesteva, Chimi Eyewear, MyTheresa Saint Laurent.

Bejewelled and bejazzled

From assorted sparkling incarnations to glittering pineapples, for the wilder and bolder woman there is an abundance of aesthetic sunglasses.

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 16.23.46
Left, top to bottom: Alan Mikli, Farfetch Moschino, Netaporter Freda Banana. Right, top to bottom: MyTheresa Gucci, Farfetch Jimmy Choo, Farfetch Saint Laurent.

All images are taken from the website linked, some sunglasses are taken from the brands SS18 collection look book and may not be available to purchase yet. 

Reserved: Review and Top Picks

After literally stumbling into Reserved’s Oxford Street store to take refuge from the snow,  this was the first time I had ever heard, been or shopped with this brand.

A Polish born brand, their flagship opened on Oxford Street just last year. Noticeably European, the huge variety of clothes available to purchase is outstanding.

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 21.20.38.png
Black and white stripe jumpsuit £39.99, green bag £24.99, earrings £2.99, oversized parka £44.99, t-shirt £5.99, mom jeans £19.99, heel sandals £24.99.

Customer Service

Considering there was loads of staff floating around, not many of them seemed to be working. Having to wait in a mile long queue at the tills to see a handful of employees standing around chatting – wasn’t too impressed. However – when in the changing rooms, I did request another size of trousers and the employee happily obliged to find me a pair.

Online Experience and Delivery

The website isn’t that easy to navigate around, and the filters are really basic. Disclaimer: I have not ordered any items from online and had them delivered to store or home. 

Range and Variety

There is also too much range and it’s a little confusing as to what their USP really is. With a wide range of basics, to smart office wear and even borderline ‘fashwun’ items, it’s no wonder it’s popular with every customer.


Again, like their range their pricing varies too! From basic t-shirts cost a couple of quid to  offering coats with wool nearing one hundred pounds.

Sizing and Quality

Their sizing is true to fit and you pay for the quality. Cheap t-shirts, cheap quality.

Overall Rating – Good, but need more experience shopping there.